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The Basic Wildland Fire Course prepares candidates for entry into the Fire Service as a Wildland Firefighter Type 2. The four-day course is delivered as a combination of online, classroom, and field training and culminates with a Field Day exercise and physical stamina test. Upon successful completion, candidates earn a certification and "Red Card," which enables them to deploy on local, regional, and national wildfire incidents to assist in combatting these natural disasters.

Wildland Firefighters not only contribute to the safety and wellbeing of their communities and the environment, they have the opportunity to be paid well for their efforts. Wildland Firefighters are in high demand, especially during the summer months when wildfires are most prevelant.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to kick-start a career as a Wildland Firefighter. Sign up for our free four-day class today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and impactful profession.


Join us and make a difference in the fight against wildfires.

Class Dates

Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue
Station 13 Training Room
1261 Dammeron Valley Drive E.
Dammeron Valley, UT 84783

No Cost



My name is Timothy Mayhew and I have been dedicated to the fire service since 2009. My journey began as a volunteer firefighter and EMT in Maryland, where I thrived in the fast-paced and challenging environment. This experience laid the foundation for my career and ignited my passion for serving and protecting others.


In 2015, I transitioned into the Wildland fire world and secured my first paid fire job with the Fish and Wildlife department. I spent a season working on an engine, gaining valuable hands-on experience, and expanding my skill set. The following year, I joined the Cedar City Hotshots, a highly trained elite crew of firefighters specializing in wildland fire suppression in some of the most rugged and remote terrain. Working alongside the hotshots, I honed my abilities and embraced the demanding nature of the profession, setting the pace for the rest of my career.


Following my time with the hotshots, I seized an opportunity to work as a medical officer on a merchant marine ship. I collaborated with a talented surgeon to provide medical care to personnel and traveled all over the world, gaining a unique perspective, and expanding my knowledge. Additionally, I shared my expertise by teaching maritime medical classes to over 200 cadets on board the ship, further fueling my passion for educating and mentoring others.


In 2019, I reentered the fire service, this time working for Cedar Mountain Fire Dept. as a firefighter and eventually assuming the role of captain. I ran a shift and spearheaded the Wildland program while simultaneously serving as a ski patroller in Brian Head, Utah. This diverse experience allowed me to broaden my expertise and develop a well-rounded skill set.


Currently, I am a Captain and the Wildland Division Superintendent at Dammeron Valley Fire and Rescue, where I am committed to building a truly exceptional program that nurtures and develops young firefighters into top-tier professionals. Additionally, I contribute my skills and knowledge to the Santa Clara Ivins Fire Department as a firefighter and AEMT, embracing the opportunity to make a difference in the community while pushing myself to be better and more adaptable in multiple differentiating environments.


Throughout my career, I have consistently upheld the values of honor, integrity, respect, and hard work. I firmly believe that while perfection may elude us, the pursuit of perfection enables us to achieve excellence. I am driven by a relentless commitment to continuous improvement and unwavering dedication to my craft. With each new challenge, I am fueled by a desire to push boundaries, inspire others, and leave a lasting impact on the fire service.

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