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Protect lives and property in rural Washington County providing professional emergency medical and fire response, fire prevention, and continuing community education.


Transform the department to provide “best in class” fire, rescue, and paramedic response.


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Hennessey, John.jpg

John Hennessey
Fire Chief

Colleen Homer
Assistant Chief & Medical Training Officer

Ryan D'Ambrosio
Battalion Chief

Skinner, Skyler.jpg

Skyler Skinner
Captain, Training Officer

Homer, Brady.jpg

Brady Homer

Stephen Williams


Hunter Wolfe
Public Information Officer

Doster, Kim.jpg

Kim Doster




We will unselfishly treat each of those we serve with empathy, consideration, and a passion to help.


We will have the courage and integrity to shape a values-based department.


Our enduring support and engagement to each other and our fire service mission.


Our actions will positively reflect the Fire Service and our organization at all times.


Our strength comes from uniting us all for the protection of Dammeron Valley and its citizens.


A reflection of our trust in leadership decision making.


Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue (DVFR) is a Combination department providing Fire Prevention and Response, Emergency Medical Services, and Special Tactics Rescue to the residents of Dammeron Valley and nearby communities. Dammeron Valley is located 12 miles north of St. George, Utah in unincorporated Washington County on Utah State Highway SR-18.

We operate a single, staffed fire station equipped with structural pumper, wildland fire, and rescue vehicle apparatus. DVFR has more than 50 active members providing 24-hour coverage throughout the year. The department is a leader in fire and medical training academics through its Dammeron Valley Fire & EMS Training Center where we train and certify firefighters and medical response candidates to National Registry, NFPA, and NWCG certification standards in our Fire Academy, EMT Academy, and EMT-Advanced Academy curriculum. 

In 2020, DVFR was a small all-volunteer department with less than 10 members, many of whom were not certified firefighters. In the Fall of 2020, the transformation began with the hiring of a career professional Fire Chief. We applied data driven decision-making into the transformation to a combination department and responded to what the metrics and the data we collected were telling us. We transformed the workforce and organizational structure based on decentralized decision making authority for the business of running a fire agency where Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, and Administrative Members can make critical decisions. In 24 months, the department quickly grew into the professional fire and EMS agency seen today in the DVFR. We built the new DVFR from within through aggressive training and a focus on changing the volunteer-only culture that served the area for many decades. 


For the future, our “Vision 2030” is a blueprint framework that will continue to disrupt the fire service along Highway SR-18 and prepare us for the oncoming growth in the next decade and beyond.


DVFR is funded directly by annual payments from Dammeron Valley residents, as well as grants, donations, and a newly established Wildland Fire Program in 2022. The Department operates under the administration of the Dammeron Valley Fire Special Service District Board. 

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