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Joining the Fire Service can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling steps you can take personally and professionally. Through our Training Center located in Dammeron Valley, the DVFR Academies can certify you as a Firefighter or Emergency Medical Technician. These are not just classes that you can take in college; they are first responder Academies and you will be tested physically, academically, and mentally. If you persevere and rise to the moment, you will achieve your goal of becoming a Firefighter and/or an Emergency Medical Services provider and change your life forever.


Are you ready for the challenge?  Learn more about how DVFR's Fire and EMS Academies can help you take that first step into an exciting future. 


Fire Academy Candidates train under the direction of DVFR's certified Fire Instructors for 12 weeks in preparation for final written and skills exams. Candidates who successfully complete the program and pass all Fire and HazMat exams and skills graduate with Utah Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 certifications.

The 2024 Fall Fire Academy application closed on Saturday, 20 July.

Application closed


EMS Academy Candidates train under the direction of DVFR's certified EMS Instructors for 10 weeks in preparation for final written and psychomotor skills exams to progress to the national exam. Upon successful completion of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam, Candidates will be certified as either EMT or AEMT.

We are accepting applications for our 2024 Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced (AEMT)  Academy . The application deadline is 15 April.

Application Closed


Becoming a certified Wildland Firefighter is a great first step toward a career in the Fire Service. Dammeron Valley Fire & EMS Training Center offers a four-day blended

(in person/online) Basic Wildland Firefighting Course that meets the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards, providing a path to deployment on local, regional, and national incidents.


DVFR's Fire & EMS Training Center operates in cooperation with national and state organizations to provide in-house certification for structural and wildland firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Our partnership with the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy (UFRA) provides access to state-of-the-art technology and training props to ensure our Candidates are on the leading edge of fire and rescue techniques. Candidates who successfully complete the program and pass all exams leave with UFRA certifications, which are recognized in Utah and across the country.



DVFR Academy Candidates benefit from a wide variety of learning and certification opportunities. Many of our Academy graduates continue their involvement with DVFR as volunteer or reserve members in addition to securing employment with other agencies in Utah and beyond.



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