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DVFR is beginning to schedule chipping days as part of the department's Fire Prevention & Safety grant. The next chipping day is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 April.

Please use one of the following options to ensure the debris cleared from your property is chipped:

  • Bring acceptable yard waste to DVFR Station 13 and add it to the slash pile behind the station.

  • Stack your acceptable yard waste by the road in front of your property for curbside chipping on chipping day. You must register your pile to ensure it is picked up.



Please follow the guidelines for acceptable yard waste and stacking.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Report your time spent on fuels mitigation

The time you spend reducing fuels on your property can help secure resources for wildfire prevention and risk mitigation for Dammeron Valley. 

5 foot zone grapic.jpeg

Property review and plan

Schedule an on-site property assessment and get specific recommendations on how you can prepare for wildfire season. A member of DVFR will meet with you and provide a customized plan to create a 5-foot zone to protect your home.


Protect from embers

Embers are the main threat to your home during a wildfire. Clear needles, leaves, and other debris from your rain gutters and around your home to reduce your risk. Small steps now can make a big difference when disaster strikes!

cut shrubs.jpeg

Maintain landscaping

Dry lawns and shrubs can easily ignite with just a few embers from a wildfire. Keep your lawn mowed and hydrated and trim shrubs and bushes to create breaks in the landscaping. 

horse fire plan.jpeg

Plan for horses

Preparing horses for evacuation during a wildfire requires an extra level of planning. Build an evacuation kit for each horse and practice your evacuation plan to ensure you're ready when the time comes.

fire pet plan.jpeg

Plan for pets

You play an important role in helping your pets stay safe in a wildfire. Make sure they’re included in your family’s evacuation plan; and build each pet their own pet evacuation kit. 

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