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Burn permits are managed via Washington County and are subject to final approval and issuance by Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue's Fire Chief. Washington County will only open the online burn permit application when the following conditions are met during open burn season as determined and communicated by the Utah Fire Management Officer:

  • Clearing Index above 500

  • Wind less than 10 MPH

When the above conditions are not in place, the burn permit application will not be available, even during open burn season.



  • Burning of trash, tires, and construction waste is not permitted. Please contact Washington County Solid Waste to learn more about disposing of these items.

  • The burn permit applicant is responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms of the burn permit and is liable for any and all damage resulting from the burn

  • 50 feet of clearance of all combustibles in all directions must be maintained at all times

  • A water source capable of extinguishing the burn must be present and functioning at all times

  • The burn must be attended at all times

  • No more than two hours of fuel at a time may be added to the burn

  • No overnight burning is permitted

  • The burn must be completely extinguished prior to the applicant abandoning the burn site


Complete the following steps to obtain a burn permit:

  1. Apply online for your burn permit

  2. Obtain your burn permit from DVFR

  3. Complete your burn as specified on your burn permit

A permit is only valid for the date specified on the burn permit. If you need to burn on multiple days, a new permit is required for each day.

You are required to have means to extinguish the fire for every burn. DVFR may inspect your proposed burn prior to issuing the final burn permit, and DVFR may stand-by to ensure your burn is completed safely.

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