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DVFR's "Lucky 13" holds true with new wildland firefighting certifications

Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue received 13 “Red Cards” from the Department of Natural Resources Fire, Forestry, and State Lands Division for the DVFR Wildland Fire Crew, the result of significant training by the wildland volunteers. Combined with the department's existing Red Card certified wildland firefighters, this represents the largest wildland firefighting force in Dammeron Valley's history. With the continued drought conditions and the possibility of a more active fire season, DVFR anticipates adding even more certified wildland firefighters to its force.

The Incident Qualification Card, commonly called a Red Card, is an accepted interagency certification indicating the firefighter is qualified to do the required job when arriving on an incident. The National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) sets minimum training, experience, and physical fitness standards for wildland fire positions that organizations nationally must meet. DVFR wildland firefighters completed four FEMA classes and three NWCG wildfire classes, passed the Work Capacity Test also known as the “Pack Test,” successfully passed a manipulative evaluation on 24 firefighting skills, and participated in a Field Exercise day to meet the Red Card qualifications standards.

As DVFR's Wildland Fire Program matures, the department's vision is to provide a responsive and resilient firefighting force when called, and to ensure firefighters operate in a safe manner when deployed. The department’s firefighters are currently training on a weekly basis to be ready and proficient in support of the suppression needs in its immediate response area, when requested via mutual aid request from another fire district, or when called by the Fire Warden to support vegetation fires outside of its area in Washington County.

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