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Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue opens application for 2022 Fall Fire Academy

Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue (DVFR) is accepting applications for its 2022 Fall Fire Academy. Applicants who are accepted as Candidates for the Fire Academy will spend 12 weeks in immersive classroom and hands-on technical training, and those who successfully pass all written and skills exams will complete Utah Fire & Rescue Academy and State of Utah Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 certification standards.

The 2022 Fire Academy will be the second certification Academy completed in-house by DVFR through the department’s Fire & EMS Training Center, which also certifies wildland firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). DVFR Fire Chief John Hennessey says the Fire Academy benefits departments across Southern Utah. “Over the last two years, DVFR has built a solid in-house team of state certified Instructors to support our Fire and EMS certification efforts,” shared Chief Hennesey. “Our 2021 Fall Fire Academy graduated 25 Candidates successfully meeting Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 UFRA certification standards. These new firefighters represented six departments from two Southern Utah counties.”

DVFR’s Fire Academy is operated in cooperation with Utah Fire & Rescue Academy (UFRA), which allows DVFR to utilize UFRA’s state-of-the-art training props and simulators. Candidates will experience real-world scenarios, including flashover and live fire training in UFRA’s prop trailers.

Applicants to the Academy must be sponsored by DVFR or another fire or fire and rescue department. Sponsorship by DVFR requires the applicant to join the department as a volunteer member and commit a minimum number of hours post-graduation, and DVFR Captain and Director of Training Skyler Skinner says it’s an ideal opportunity for those just starting out. “We’re excited to bring an additional training and certification opportunity to those who want to join the Fire Service,” stated Captain Skinner. “DVFR’s Fire Academy is also a valuable resource for other departments across Southern Utah, as it provides an opportunity for local certification under UFRA’s programs.”

Applicants can learn more about the Fall Fire Academy and complete the online application by visiting The application period is open until 15 July and the Fire Academy begins on 20 September. Applicants must be at least 18 years old before the Academy begins and must also complete prerequisite trainings and certifications that are detailed in the application.

Chief Hennessey added, “As development across Southern Utah, and in particular the SR-18 corridor, continues at a rapid pace, it’s critical that departments across the region continue to train and certify members and staff to meet the unavoidable demand for service that comes with growth. DVFR is proud to provide this resource for our community and the region.

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