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Dammeron Valley Fire Special Services District seeks community members for Project Committee

Updated: May 14, 2021

Dammeron Valley Fire Special Services District Control Board is seeking to establish a Project Committee composed of five (5) Dammeron Valley residents to plan for and manage the funding, design, and construction of a new building on DVFSSD property for the purpose of housing two fire apparatus, providing additional fire equipment storage, and to incorporate a new Dammeron Valley Community Center. The project will include a discovery phase (preliminary planning, estimating costs, and determining sources of funding), advanced planning and design, permitting, construction, and completion of the building. The committee will be encouraged to recruit subject matter experts to assist with specific aspects of the project, and will establish an appropriate system of communication with, and feedback from, the community regarding the design and operation of the community center portion of the building.

It is anticipated that service on this Project Committee will be a two-year commitment and will require several hours of work on average each week in order to complete the project. The Project Committee will report to the DVFSSD Control Board monthly, or more frequently as needed, regarding their progress until the project is completed.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Project Committee, please complete the online application no later than Friday, 11 June at 5PM. Applications will be forwarded to the DVFSSD Control Board for review, with the committee appointments expected to take place by 18 June, 2021.

Inquiries and questions should be directed to:

Mack Sorenson, DVFSSD Chair -

Curt Shelley, DVFSSD Treasurer -

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