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Deputy Chief John Hennessey to be appointed Fire Chief of Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue

Updated: May 9, 2022

The Dammeron Valley Fire Special Service District Administrative Control Board announces that it will appoint Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue’s Deputy Chief John Hennessey as Fire Chief of the Department at the Board’s monthly

meeting to be held on Thursday, March 17. Deputy Chief Hennessey has been a member of DVFR since January 2021 and has been instrumental in managing day-to-day operations and establishing the DVFR Academy to deliver training and certify members from across the region via the Dammeron Valley Fire & EMS Training Center. His work at DVFR under Chief Barnes’s leadership has contributed significantly to the achievements and ongoing success of the department, as well as reinforced cooperative relationships at the local and state levels.

Deputy Chief Hennessey has more than 20 years of experience in the fire service as a firefighter, emergency medical responder, and Fire Chief in a wildland-urban interface community like Dammeron Valley. Deputy Chief Hennessey resides in Diamond Valley, and prior to joining DVFR was a member of the Diamond Valley Fire Department.

Fire Chief Chet Barnes will deliver his final Fire Chief’s Report to the DVFSSD Board on March 17 before swearing in Deputy Chief Hennessey as Fire Chief. The Board acknowledges its gratitude and respect for Chief Barnes’s work during his tenure and accepts his decision to retire from his position as DVFR Fire Chief. “Over the last 18 months Chief Barnes worked tirelessly to advance the department to levels of service that could only be imagined two years ago,” states DVFSSD Board Chair Mack Sorensen. “Under his leadership DVFR’s first responders, volunteers, and graduates of the DVFR Academy have excelled in their efforts to provide professional fire and emergency medical services to Dammeron Valley and the surrounding communities.”

The Board wishes Chief Barnes continued success in his life and career. Sorensen added, “We are incredibly fortunate to have been able to retain his services, and we are extremely pleased that Deputy Chief Hennessey will be accepting the position of Fire Chief and look forward to working with him in his new role.”

Dammeron Valley and the communities served by DVFR are very fortunate to have a strong chain of capable and competent leadership. The DVFSSD Board invites everyone to attend the March 17 meeting to show their support for both Chief Barnes and Deputy Chief Hennessey during this transition.

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