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Red Mountain Trail Fire Update

Yesterday at approximately 12:40 PM, DVFR crews responded to a reported wildfire approximately three miles south of Dammeron Valley near the Red Mountain Trail parking lot. DVFR, alongside multiple local agencies, worked to support federal firefighting crews and the Utah Department of Natural Resources to knock down the approximately 18 acre fire by around 5:30 PM and focus on containment. DVFR EMS crews also provided safety support at Upper Sand Cove Reservoir while air support refilled with water. The fire jumped SR18 during the incident forcing the closure of the highway southbound from Dammeron Valley and northbound from Diamond Valley for approximately two hours as firefighters worked to contain the fire. BLM crews will continue mop-up efforts throughout today.

Continued high temperatures and dry conditions make fires like these an ever-present threat in Dammeron Valley and our surrounding wilderness. Visit our Wildfire page for strategies to prepare your home and family for wildfires, including detailed plans for evacuation. If you’re not already registered for Washington County’s reverse 911 notification, which will include evacuation notices, register now to receive notifications.

More than anything, please be vigilant in observing current fire restrictions, fireworks restrictions (never allowed in Dammeron Valley!), burn restrictions (not currently permitted). If you see a wildfire that is not attended by emergency crews, call 911 immediately to report it (do not call DVFR directly). Let’s all ensure our community is prepared for the ongoing threat!

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