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Washington County Commissioners appoint interim board members for Western Fire SSD

On 7 March 2023, the Washington County Commissioners appointed Interim board members for the Western Fire Special Service District. The interim board is an advisory board only, charged with outlining the process to establish the new Western Fire Special Service District, which most likely will become operational on 1 January 2024. The WFSSD interim board will initiate monthly public working meetings sometime in April 2023, and the meetings will be noticed in all five of the communities to be served by the new district. Recommendations made by the interim board will be reviewed by Washington County prior to establishment of the district.

The WFSSD interim board members are:

Layne Bangerter, Gunlock

Brad Cox, Diamond Valley

Mike Johnson, Veyo

Curt Shelley, Dammeron Valley

Charles Tandy, Brookside

The Dammeron Valley Fire SSD will continue to oversee emergency services in the current district until the new Western Fire SSD initiates service, most likely on 1 January 2024.

The Dammeron Valley Fire SSD board members encourage all Dammeron Valley residents to actively engage with the interim board and attend the public meetings once they are established. The support and financial commitment provided by members of this community over the past two years has built a professional fire and rescue department capable of delivering best-in-class response and service. The best way to ensure this continues into the new district is to attend the public meetings and communicate your strong desire that this level of service is maintained.

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