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Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue (DVFR) is a Combination department providing Fire Prevention and Response, Emergency Medical Services, and Special Tactics Rescue to the residents of Dammeron Valley and nearby communities. Dammeron Valley is located 12 miles north of St. George, Utah in unincorporated Washington County on Utah State Highway SR-18.

We operate a single, staffed fire station equipped with structural pumper, wildland fire, and rescue vehicle apparatus. DVFR has more than 50 active members providing 24-hour coverage throughout the year.

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It has been just over 3 years since Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue started our journey to become the most effective and impactful fire and emergency medical service possible within our area of operation.  We have achieved our initial goals and in 2024 we are transitioning again, despite local headwinds, to become a best in class, all hazards response agency.  We commit to our residents that when you need us, we will immediately respond with qualified, professional personnel.  We remain a values driven department dedicated to each other, the institution we represent, and the communities we serve who rely on us at a moment’s notice.  We look forward to continuing our journey forward with an enduring commitment to our mission of protecting lives and property.

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