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Make sure your rolls are the only things burning this Thanksgiving!

Next week marks one of the biggest food-focused holidays of the year, and with more people staying at home this year, the number of households cooking turkey with all the trimmings is higher than ever. In fact, one in four people cooking a turkey this year will be doing it for the first time! We suspect a lot of smoke detectors are going to get a workout this Thanksgiving.

As you prepare to cook your favorites, it’s important to keep in mind that Thanksgiving represents the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment. We’d like to share some simple – but very important – tips to help keep everyone in our valley safe this year.

  • Be present when cooking on the stovetop – don’t leave cooking food unattended even briefly. Grease fires can start quickly!

  • Don’t leave the house while your turkey is cooking in the oven and check on it often.

  • We know everyone gathers in the kitchen when there’s something cooking but try to keep your kitchen clutter free and easy to maneuver around.

  • Keep small children occupied outside the kitchen to minimize the risk of burns or other injuries.

  • Check your smoke detectors in advance by pushing the “Test” button. We promise your dog will forgive you.

We know this is a different kind of Thanksgiving for most of us, but while our gatherings may be a bit smaller this year, the risk of fire and injury remains the same. For more ideas on keeping your celebration safe, check out our helpful tip sheet. Most importantly, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingSafety DVFR
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