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Welcome the newest DVFR Driver/Operator Class!

These 10 Dammeron Valley residents accepted the invitation and challenge to become trained as Fire Apparatus Driver Operators. These folks have completed the 4 hour Emergency Vehicle Operator Course and test. In November they all participated in and successfully passed a driving course that included the serpentine obstacle training, alley dock maneuver, diminishing clearance course and confined space 3 point turn around. Later in the month they successfully demonstrated individual proficiency in pumping and pump operations to an outside training expert. They have also voluntarily formed themselves into 3 teams (or platoons) that will provide 24/7 emergency driver response 365 days a year for the community

. Their service and commitment is to be admired and respected. If you see them around the Valley please let them know that they are very much appreciated.

Pictured L to R; Tom Baker, Capt. Jim Jones, Keith Jackson, Bruce Miller, Greg Godfrey, Jody Truax, Denise Truax, Gabe Bilek, Jeff Truax, Deputy Chief Arenaz, Ben Stewart, John Cherny,.

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